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For the past few years, Hewlett Packard Enterprise – the information technology side of the HP brand – has produced an internal promotional video series titled “Grilling Execs”. This series features personal and less formal interviews from international HPE company executives and higher-ups that are conducted over a barbecue in an American tailgating style setup. World Wide Group booked the Design & Data video production team for a two-day “Grilling Execs” video shoot at the HPE Customer Technology Centre in Böblingen, Germany to help organise several local elements and support a visiting U.S. production crew.

Idea, solution

Design & Data provided a 5-person local team and additional video equipment to assist the HPE in-house production crew who traveled to Germany from San Francisco. In addition to the HPE cameraman (A camera), two of our team members ran a second camera (B camera), which was fixed on a stationary tripod, and a third camera (C camera), which was attached to a movable jib arm. This allowed the production team to capture additional footage from different angles and perspectives. We also supplied a team for audio services, handling a sound recorder and microphones for the three interview subjects, and a team for lighting. Since the shoot took place outside, the audio and lighting were carefully monitored for any unwanted ambient or background noise and shifts in sunlight or shading levels. In preparation for the shoot, we also helped source a grill, a canopy, tables, and other set dressing elements for the HPE executives and background supporters to interact with during the shoot.  


The HPE “Grilling Execs” shoot was a characteristically unusual interview. Apart from conducting the interview over a grill, it also took place outside in November – a notoriously difficult time to find cooperative weather in Germany. Shooting an interview outside is more challenging than shooting on inside, as it is much harder to control the lighting, audio quality, and ambient noise surrounding the production. However, the collaboration between the HPE and Design & Data production teams led to a successful conclusion for this shoot.

The “Grilling Execs” interview series is produced by HPE for internal and client use. At this time, no videos are available for public consumption.


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Team leaders: Andre & Johannes