D&D Co-Producesnew feature withSternenberg Films

Media Film, Cinema
Category Video
Location Cologne
Year 2022

Co-produced by Design & Data the new feature ‘4 Days to Eternity’, from Simon Pelarski and Sternenberg Films,
gets August cinema release.


Co-developed by writer and director Simon Pelarski, the historical fiction film 4 Days to Eternity (‘4 Tage bis zur Ewigkeit’) follows a young woman named Idilia as she awakens injured in a ruined castle. Without any means of escape, she only has her diary to help her remember what happened, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Since Simon was long-time collaborator on various video and editing projects with Design & Data, company managers Björn Brockmann and Sebastian Marcu got the company involved in the production as a producer for the film, providing financial support.

Idea, solution

Wanting to support Simon as a colleague and creative professional, Design & Data helped produce the feature through generous financial assistance. However, Brockmann and Marcu also saw 4 Days to Eternity as a unique first-contact opportunity to get involved with large-scale cinematic filmmaking. As the company continues to grow, Design & Data plans to develop its own cinematic productions, focusing primarily on science fiction and science education. Though this production is not in line with D&D’s science focus, it allowed the company to gain vital experience in developing and producing large scale feature films.


Produced by Sternenberg Films and distributed by Filmperlen, 4 Days to Eternity is slated for a theatrical release in Germany around August 2022. The 102-minute feature will serve as a momentous step in Simon’s professional career and Design & Data’s first fray into cinematic filmmaking, potentially opening a new line of projects and capabilities for future science communication projects.


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Team leaders: Andre & Johannes