Internship (m/f)

We are a media agency specifically catering to the global aerospace industry. We produce creative content for a wide range of media such as film & video, animation and websites, multi-day events, PR write-ups and trade-fair stands. Always on the hunt for new talent, we can currently offer internships for the following:

  • media design
  • computing
  • journalism
  • communication design
  • admin
  • social media

You’ve got:

  • time for a minimum of 6 weeks internship
  • A-Levels or High School Diploma
  • some practical and/or project experience
  • the ability to work to exacting standards, organisational skills, a keen eye and the ability to work as part of a team
  • goal-oriented and structured thinking, abstraction skills and ability to work on your own
  • an interest in the field of aerospace
  • a working knowledge of German (spoken and written), which will be an advantage

We’ve got

  • exciting projects in an international team
  • highly motivated, lovely colleagues and tons of fun at work
  • a pleasant working environment, flat hierarchies and an open corporate culture
  • plenty of room for your creative ideas to flourish and opportunities for personal development

Why not send in your application for an internship now?

We’d love to hear from you, so send us a convincing set of application documents including samples of your work and references. Please email these to

  • Animations
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