The future ofcreativity:UnleashingAI Tools

Category News
Year 2023


This year´s christmas card should be different! The idea came up to use AI to generate one.

Is it possible to get a creative, good looking card done by AI in 2023?

For quickly playing through different design variants different text-, graphic- and video-based AI programmes should be our playground.

In doing so, we pay attention to licensed data sets and generated content which is designed to be used for commercial purposes.

Idea, solution

We started with a text based AI program for brainstorming. What we normally do in a creative team should be done by chatting with an AI. But the ideas felt quite obvious, and rendered by image generating AIs, were rather kitschy, and we were not happy yet. There were also always errors in the details of the renderings.

Playing around with generating the pictures with different prompts was a lot of fun, though and then a human brain intervened: The idea of using planets as Christmas baubles came up.

Trying out many settings, the renderings never looked like a professional final picture: The errors in the details were back! For a final result we need to manually edit the picture.


We are already using modern tools on a daily basis to help us with many recurring processes. And AI can be used as a “team member” for brainstorming or for the rapid generation of a “moodboard”. But for now we could not deliver professional, creative final results just using AI tools, especially not when something unique is needed.

Nevertheless we keep playing around with many tools to see where the next improvement for our workflow can be found.

As things stand, AI is a helping hand, not a competitor to human creativity with a flair for detail and the extraordinary. But we know how to use it wisely in the process.