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Design & Data collaborated with the European Space Agency (ESA) on a Knowledge Management campaign to promote knowledge sharing within the organization. Knowledge is a key asset for any organization, but it can frequently get lost when people retire or change jobs. The main challenge involved promoting new initiatives to influence employees and staff to change how they think about knowledge sharing, to impact their habits, and to encourage new, improved, and long-term sharing of knowledge and expertise within ESA for future benefit and use.

Idea, solution

For the Knowledge Management campaign, we came up with a pool of ten creative ideas communicating the core campaign messages of openness and sharing of knowledge. These were put through a series of face-to-face interviews and round table discussions with ESA staff members to select the concept that had the biggest impact on them. During these discussions, we noted that traditional means of internal communications, such as email and intranet, were not enough to catch employee attention. So, we decided to bombard ESA staff with more attention-grabbing visuals, such as stickers, posters and leaflets in all shared workplace spaces. We hoped to stir their curiosity and promote the importance and need to sustainable experience and knowledge sharing.


Over the two months leading up to ESA’s Knowledge Management Focus Week conference event, we gradually built awareness among ESA staff members using a variety of channels and deliverables. These included more common mediums, such as flyers, videos, and printed and electronic posters, as well as more unique channels, such as postcards and jigsaw puzzles. Using online surveys and round table discussions, we were able to get an insight into ESA staff members’ understanding of knowledge sharing and were able to influence their behaviour accordingly.


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