Encouragingconservation actionwith dynamicvideo text

Client Nexus Ness
Category Content & Text
Location Cologne
Year 2022

Design & Data developed a short video using dynamic on-screen text to promote holistic participation in the Nexus-Ness project: a multinational collaboration for developing fair and sustainable resource allocation solutions.


Nexus-Ness aims to bring different nations and stakeholders together to develop strategies for achieving security and fair access to four key resources: food, water, energy, and ecosystem. Design & Data was contacted to create a short promotional video highlighting the aims of the Nexus-Ness project while encouraging all people – from stakeholders to the general public – to get involved. Before producing the video, we were given a set of requirements, specifically that careful consideration needed to be given to the script so that the video would be engaging, upbeat, and inclusive and that the video should reinforce the aim of getting people involved, not offer solutions.

Idea, solution

We approached the script using a text-on-screen format instead of a spoken voiceover. This format lent itself better to a more dynamic style of storytelling where the relationships between the visuals and the text could be drawn more tightly. While writing, we kept sentences short so the text could be easily digested without being strung across multiple frames. The sentences were also crafted to allow certain words to be “cycled” within the same sentence, lessening the amount of text on the screen at a given time and providing a dynamic “moving” element to the words. To incorporate an inclusive mindset, we made frequent use of “we” and “our”, so the audience already felt involved in the bigger conversation. We also made use of key phrases like “finding a solution for everyone involves everyone” to encourage people from all industries and backgrounds to share their perspectives, knowledge, and expertise.


In the end, we produced a two-minute video, pairing short, pithy and “moving” text with bright and attractive visuals, that highlighted the four key resources across the four main partner countries: Egypt, Italy, Spain, and Tunisia. The video was made public at the Nexus-Ness General Assembly in Madrid in 2022 and is currently available to watch on the PRIMA Nexus-Ness website alongside an in-depth breakdown of their proposed solutions for fair and sustainable resource allocation.


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Team leader: Evan