Addressingparticledetectors:An introductionfor AIDAinnova

Client CERN
Category Content & Text
Location Cologne
Year 2021


The AIDAinnova project – the Advancement and Innovation for Detectors at Accelerators – is a consortium of 42 partner institutions aimed at further developing detector technologies for particle physics. CERN, one of the partner organisations, reached out to Design & Data to create a short video introducing the AIDAinnova project and to raise interest about investing in particle detector technology development. It was essential that the video did not introduce the detector technology itself, but the whole AIDAinnova project, namely how cross-sector investment in detector technology can advance science and impact non-physics industries. The challenge was creating a video that communicated the complex physics topics to not-physics audiences.

Idea, solution

For developing this project, we took an approach that was more storytelling than corporate. We developed a six-point script detailing how particle physics is a part of everyday life, what detectors do, and how investing in detector development through the AIDAinnova project can benefit multiple science and non-science industries. Additionally, we created a long-form storyboard and accompanying mood board to plan out visuals and intended style. To create the video, we pulled existing content and footage from CERN and AIDAinnova partner archives to show accurate detectors and mockups in action. Additionally, we created some in-house animations to help convey the complex topics in an accessible format for non-expert and non-science audiences.


The final result was a three minute HD video intended to be released on the AIDAinnova website and the webpages of partner institutions. We also developed a shorter version of the video to be used for social media and short-form promotion. The next step is for CERN and its partners to use this video to promote interest in the project and detector technology to build cross-industry investment and relationships.

Narrative Flowchart
Extract Moodbaord
Extract Storyboard

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Team leader: Evan