Developing 'Event Waiting Music'from Original 'In-house Tracks'


Over the years, Design & Data has created original music for numerous clients with the right budget. This music did not consist of stock library music. Instead, they were original music scores created by the local Design & Data audio team. Since these tracks were produced in-house, they came with all rights included, meaning that Design & Data could also employ them for their own use. However, most of these music tracks have remained in storage for years following the successful completion of their original intended projects.

Idea, solution

Design & Data manager, Björn Brockmann, had the idea to give a second use to the previously recorded music we had on file. We went through the different original music tracks we had in storage and produced two longer master tracks of “waiting music” that could be used for transition periods during livestream or in-person events. The first option was a “relaxed” version, and the second option was a more “energetic” version. Producing these tracks also showed that we could not use all of the original music we had in storage, as each music track we selected needed to echo and segue naturally from one to the other.


In the end, only the “relaxed” version of the waiting music was ultimately used. The “energetic” option was considered too upbeat for a background or transition period. The “relaxed” waiting music received strong initial feedback from its use in two livestream events in 2022, and it has potential use in many future projects and products.

For access to our in-house waiting music or to see how we can create original, all-rights-included music for your next project, contact the audio & voice team at Design & Data.

“Relaxed Version” Sample 1

“Relaxed Version” Sample 2

“Relaxed Version” Sample 3


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