Highlighting theSatellite Industrywith Video Reels

Client Euroconsult
Location Paris
Year 2022

Design & Data developed five daily highlight videos to showcase the key points for each day of the Euroconsult World Satellite Business Week,
an annual state-of-the-art satellite conference.


For the 25th anniversary of the World Satellite Business Week – a satellite conference held in Paris every year – Euroconsult approached Design & Data to develop five daily highlight videos to showcase the key sessions and themes from each day of the event. Since most of the information discussed at the conference was not disclosed beforehand, the D&D video production team was faced with a considerable challenge to develop scripts and voiceover narration in real-time across an average of 15-20 daily panel sessions, interviews, and social events and fully edit a 3-minute highlight reel within a 24-hour period for each day of the five-day event.

Idea, solution

To tackle the short production time, a four-person video team was present on site, consisting of two camera operators, one video editor, and one radio journalist for voiceover narration. Since the event had multiple sessions often taking place at the same time, the video team prioritized filming more notable sessions with leading satellite operators (such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, and NASA) to ensure the big industry highlights were captured. As the sessions were filmed, the on-site narrator provided a brief commentary on the proceedings, compiling the main points together into succinct and engaging dialogue. As sessions and voiceover were recorded, footage was periodically delivered to the video editor, allowing the editing to begin earlier to ensure a final cut of the video by the end of the night.


By the end of the conference, the D&D production team successfully produced five daily highlight videos, each ranging from 3 minutes and 4 seconds to 3 minutes and 21 seconds in length. These videos were released on the Euroconsult YouTube channel in daily installments. Even with the quick turnaround times and short production schedules, each video presented the key highlights of the event, the 1250+ attendees, and the 525 satellite companies across 52 countries that participated in the 25th anniversary of the World Satellite Business Week.


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Team leaders: Andre & Johannes