How to give your audience a new perspective with 360-degree video

Year 2021


To create genuine ‘being there’ content in challenging locations within an affordable budget. For the launch of its new website,
the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites was looking for a new and innovative way to engage with their audience and reflect their new brand.
This was the first time the organisation had commissioned 360-degree video, so it was crucial that the project was efficiently run
and hit key deliverables.

Idea, solution

Building on their experience of producing 360-degree videos, Design & Data’s answer was to showcase actual satellites and control rooms where viewers could zoom in and around each location. This involved carefully setting up remote controlled high-resolution cameras to capture every detail of the delicate technology. Filming was scheduled to take advantage of the best possible weather and interiors were specially lit to suit the subject matter and the cameras. After the shoot, the videos were rendered and edited by the agency on dedicated 360-degree software and atmospheric audio tracks were added to each of the walk-through locations.


As well as adding the ‘wow’ factor to EUMETSAT’s comms, this immersive content also delivered higher engagement and longer viewing times. In fact, 360-degree photos have a 4 times higher click-through-rate than static pictures*, with ads performing 300% better
than 2D ads.

*According to Omnivirt


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Team leaders: Andre & Johannes