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Year 2023

Photographing some of the most influential decision-makers in European politics and science.


We were requested to do a “VIP shooting” at EAC, the European Astronaut Centre in September 2023. The line-up of extremely important personalities consisted not only of several ESA directors, including the Director General, but also of the Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz himself.

We were asked to not only document photographically the whole visit of the chancellor, but also to deliver the first selected photos within one hour after the closing of the event.

Idea, solution

Our photographer of choice did not only take hundreds of photos in professional quality during the visit, but brought his laptop and edited two dozens of pictures within less than an hour after the event.

He moreover also delivered all of the pictures on the same day – perfectly edited and ready to be used by the ESA/EAC social media team.

Mission accomplished!


Our client at EAC was very happy with the photos and the quick delivery. The photos have been used in social media channels, the professional Photolibrary and the ESA Website within just another working day.

So if you are in need for a photographer for an event, with or without Mr. Scholz, we are happy to help you – just write a mail or give us a call!



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Team leader: Björn