Live Streamto Space:An unforgettableConnection

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Year 2023

Bridging Education and Space Exploration


Embarking on a captivating challenge, we aimed to technologically connect teachers and students across Europe with ESA astronaut Andreas Morgensen aboard the ISS. Our mission extended to live engagement with ESERO events in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The hurdle? Ensuring top-notch video quality across the vast expanse of Europe and over the Atlantic, managing four auditoriums with unique multi-camera and microphone setups, demanding precision coordination.

Idea, solution

To overcome these challenges, we prioritized a seamless connection using secure video conferencing software. Anticipating potential hiccups, we introduced a fail-safe plan – a backup audio signal via a trusty landline phone. A dynamic approach with a multi-computer setup in our data centre in Cologne enabled fast transitions between connections and ensured optimal communication and adaptability to any signal problems.


The culmination of our efforts was a ground-breaking live stream. Children, teenagers and students from four countries were immersed in a visually captivating production with animated backgrounds and a dynamic display of up to six video broadcasts simultaneously. This unique experience gave them the opportunity to interact directly with an astronaut in space, sparking curiosity about the subject and creating a once-in-a-lifetime memory.



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Team leader: Björn