Live streaming:The whole spacesector as guests

Client Euroconsult
Media Online
Location Paris, Cologne
Year 2023

Reliable live streaming and content production with minimal staff


We were tasked to coordinate the live stream of the five-day event ‘World Satellite Business Week’ featuring prominent speakers from across the space sector. The main challenge was to identify the most effective method for streaming a two-track event, accommodating both in-person and virtual speakers. Moreover, the recorded presentations were required to be promptly published online on the same day.

Idea, solution

Our solution was to first reserve an abundance of computing power with redundant internet connections. In this case we had twentysix servers on six 10GBit connections via different providers available at all times for the live stream and content production. This way we could manage the complete process for both tracks with just two people on location (Paris) plus two more in our office in cologne. This approach has allowed us to minimize travel and hotel expenses.


The five day two track conference was live streamed very efficiently – in the sense of the briefing. It incorporated pre-planned advertisements and provided the option to feature virtual speakers. Moreover, within hours, we delivered fully edited recordings of the day, complete with sponsors’ icons and all text overlays. In total, we produced over sixty videos as content. The distinguished roster of speakers comprised Presidents, VPs and CEOs of Arianespace, Airbus Defence & Space, Boeing Satellite Systems, Thales Alenia Space, SpaceX, Euroconsult, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Director General of the European Space Agency Josef Aschbacher.

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Team leader: Björn