Strengthening internal marketing practise

Client ESA
Location Cologne
Year 2019


To improve internal and inter-agency knowledge sharing, the European Space Agency (ESA) developed their Knowledge Management campaign to encourage current employees to document and share their knowledge and experience with future and workers. Knowledge can commonly become lost when people retire or change jobs, so Design & Data was approached to design an internal marketing campaign promoting the Knowledge Management program, its aims, its benefits, and how workers can get involved. This involved developing key campaign messages and communication materials that could influence how current employees think about sharing their experience while helping to define and shape the future of the agency.

Idea, solution

Initially, Design & Data liaised with ESA to develop an icon logo and a slogan to help establish the brand of the Knowledge Management program. From there, we helped create a full internal marketing campaign which consisted of individually focused activities and innovative visuals. For the visuals, we suggested to go against the common traditional forms of internal company communication, such as email and corporate intranets. These were not deemed to be strong enough to capture and retain employee attention. Instead, we suggested to produce more attention-grabbing visuals in the form of stickers, posters, leaflets, and banners that could be placed throughout internal shared workplaces at ESA. This was done to help pique employee interest and engage their attention outside of their daily work routines.


Following the two month campaign in the lead up to the ESA Knowledge Management Focus Week, the guidance, suggestions, and content delivered by Design & Data was able to build significant interest among ESA workers. Using a variety of channels, we were able to engage with ESA employees through video, digital and printed posters, flyers, and unique interactive items such as postcards and puzzles. Each of these helped to establish a foundation for promoting further knowledge sharing within ESA, and helped us better improve our internal marketing strategies and campaign outreach.


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Team leader: Sebastian