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Working in tandem with paid advertisements, media partnerships allow businesses to strike up deals with external publications. As part of the ECMWF campaign for the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) and the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), Design & Data was tasked with reaching out to external sources and publications to help spread awareness of the client campaign. The challenge was in geo-targeting specific publications in the locations that target audiences and Copernicus events were taking place, specifically Brussels.

Idea, solution

In the beginning, Design & Data reached out to seven local and regional publications to research the advertising opportunities provided by each. In the end, we only received prices and advertising conditions from four sources: The Brussels Times, Euractiv, EU Observer, and The Parliament Magazine. For these publications, we first proposed the messaging and visuals that we wanted to have for the campaign. We then created banners according to the specifications of each media partner. For content that we wrote ourselves, we proposed the written text and had it approved by ECMWF. For content we did not write ourselves, we instead liaised between the client and the media partner to oversee the development and implementation of the campaign materials.


Using the landing pages and tracking links for the campaign that were provided by the media partner, alongside the Google Analytics of the web pages, we were able to specifically track the performance and activity of the advertisements. With unique tracking measurements for each item, we managed to determine which media mixes performed the best, gave the best results, and best engages with users and target audiences.


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Team leader: Sebastian