Using holograms to reinforce Europe’s Space strategy

Field Space
Location Toulouse, France
Year 2021


As part of their immersive experience into the wonders of space, the space museum in Toulouse, France reached out to Design & Data to help showcase the extraordinary lives of astronauts. Following the return of ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano from the International Space Station (ISS) in 2020, the museum wanted to feature a video of the Italian astronaut for a special space summit on Europe’s space strategy. However, the museum didn’t want an ordinary video, but instead an interactive, moving, 3D hologram to give a personal edge to the need for future European effort in space.

Idea, solution

To develop the hologram video, Design & Data met with Parmitano at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) in Cologne, Germany. The idea was to film the astronaut in a way that he would appear to stand beside visitors inside a walk-through reconstruction of the Columbus module of the ISS at the museum. Award-winning videographer, Johannes Walden, filmed Parmitano in portrait mode against a green screen backdrop and carpet to render a life-sized video and used a teleprompter so Parmitano could deliver engaging and informative narration in French. This video was then projected onto a glass plate within the museum, making it seem as if Parmitano was in the same room as visitors.


When delivered to the client, the final video hologram was met with great acclaim by both the museum and the many industry and political visitors to the summit. Through the hologram, Parmitano was able to address and reinforce the need for Europe to continue to develop its ability to go into space. This included furthering educational efforts in space and STEM sciences, advancing domestic investment in existing space missions and organisations, and improving international cooperation for the future of space.


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Team leaders: Andre & Johannes