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Audio and voice over are some of the most common forms of media communication. To better improve business and reach target audiences, many organisations are seeking high-quality videos with informative and engaging audio narrations. Over the years, Design & Data has been continuously contacted to develop expert audio and voice over recordings for various explainer videos, social media clips, and documentaries. However, developing this content can be challenging without the right talent. Many voice over artists, especially those under management or studio contracts, require full ownership of the recordings. This limits audio use mostly to online only and requires further permissions and fees for additional usage.

Idea, solution

To provide quality and adaptable audio recordings, Design & Data employs a company audio team alongside local voice artists and new in-house vocal talent. Using local and in-house talent allows for complete creative development and uninterrupted use of any and all audio recorded for client based projects. This allows voice overs and audio tracks to be used freely across online, public, and private platforms and for it to be rebranded and reused without additional permissions. With expert trained vocal talent provided engaging, informative, and clear narrations, the Design & Data audio team edits and produces expert audio in multiple formats, including 5.1 surround sound, for a complete audio experience.


Over the years, the voice over and audio production from Design & Data has been very well received, with multiple productions for various and repeat clients. The audio tracks, alongside accompanying videos, have been shared across social media and online platforms, generating thousands of views. With an extensive network of multi-lingual voice and audio talent, Design & Data has produced audio in English, French, German, and Spanish formats for numerous high-end clients, including the Austrian Academy of Science, CERN, ECMWF, ESA, ESSP, Euroconsult, and Mercator Ocean International.

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