Webex Webinars:A resoundingsuccess forworkshops

Location Online
Year 2023


This workshop series aimed to host and operate a six-part series of webinars using Webex, focusing on visualizing and storytelling with Copernicus and EUMETSAT Earth observation data. The goal was to bring together experts in EO data visualization, data journalism, and research to share their experiences and inspire new users in accessing data and creating compelling narratives. Additionally, the workshops should be recorded for future viewing on YouTube to ensure broader accessibility.

Idea, solution

These workshops were conducted using Webex webinars, providing a virtual platform for participants to engage with the content. To enhance the workshop experience, we utilized various features and options available in Webex. Visual appeal was enhanced by incorporating captivating background images using the “stage manager” function. Attendees’ names and affiliations were displayed using automated lower thirds, and the event’s agenda was shared in the “waiting room” before each session. By featuring individual speakers on the virtual stage, we improved panel presentations, showing the moderator and speaker together during introductions and the entire panel during Q&A sessions.


The implementation of these solutions resulted in an aesthetically appealing and professional workshop experience. As a result, the workshop series achieved remarkable success, attracting an impressive number of participants ranging from 350 to 500 per event. The workshops served as a valuable platform where prominent EO data visualizers, data journalists, and researchers gathered to share their insights and experiences. Furthermore, the workshops were diligently recorded to ensure wider accessibility and subsequent publication on YouTube:

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4
Workshop 5
Workshop 6


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Team leader: Björn