Intranet:A new tool forbusinesscommunication

Client Design & Data
Category Tech, Web, App
Location Cologne
Year 2021


Of the many elements that are key to running a successful business, three primary factors are organisation, efficiency, and communication. For Design & Data, it was no different. As we grew, we initially had too many different tools for keeping track of company boards, projects, and client relations. To improve how we operated and to increase productivity, workflow, and both internal and external communication, we needed to find a way to address the personal, company, and client sides for every worker, present work materials in a simple, organised way, reduce complexity of workplace systems, and resolve the problems that came with using too many external platforms.

Idea, solution

Our solution was to create an internal intranet application capable of improving project management, company organisation, efficiency, and client communication. With a back end built using PHP with Laravel and a front end built using JavaScript/ REACT, the intranet application provides an access point for daily work where employees have everything they need at their fingertips. This includes internal and external email chains, company calendars, company topics, colleague contacts, project milestones, links to third party applications, straightforward platforms for organizing daily work and writing minute protocols, and a uniquely built worktime tracker. Everything is laid out in an easily accessible format to improve and streamline company communications.


Managed in-house by a full-time developer, and with the help of part-time and on-call external developers, the intranet application has helped streamline daily applications and the overall company direction and flow. For our next steps, we plan to integrate new items to the intranet, including a video meeting tool and bringing the worktime tracker in line with new worktime rules from the German government. After trialing the intranet application internally and working out any bugs or issues, we also plan to develop the software as a service product beginning in 2023 so other interested parties can rent it and use it to improve their company’s overall organisation and communication.


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