Spaceoneers:Pioneering the next Space Startups

Client Design & Data
Media Online
Category Tech, Web, App
Location Cologne
Year 2015 -

Design & Data developed a one-stop-shop website on highlighting the current events and opportunities in space, technology, and investment as a resource for space startups and entrepreneurs looking to enter the space market.


Space is a high-growth and vibrant sector that plays an important role in the global economy. With the realization of Space 4.0, or “new space”, the cost of accessing space has become lower and more opportunities are opening up worldwide, especially for small companies and startups. But with an increased number of opportunities taking place, often at the same time, Design & Data had the idea to create a free and easy-access web-based resource with a primary focus on the European space sector for supplying tailored materials and information to support space startups and entrepreneurs entering the market.

Idea, solution

For the Spaceoneers website, we wanted to present a holistic overview of the current space market as a resource from a startup perspective. To do this, we structured the website into five tabs. The “blog” tab featured articles with unique interviews; articles on science, technology, and investment topics; and monthly roundups on current space news. For the “events” tab, we compiled a running list of upcoming space conferences and exhibitions, and fir the “companies” tab, we provided a collection of active space startups, including their focus, location, and contact information. We also included tabs that featured a kid-friendly cartoon series, “Little Spaceoneers”, and a series of infographics to promote space and STEM in an engaging format. Each of these pages was designed to break down the barriers to entering the space market and encourage startups and investors to get involved.  


The Spaceoneers website has been in operation since 2015 and has helped numerous startups, entrepreneurs, and investors access articles, interviews, and reference materials on the global space market, including startup profiles and space conferences and events. Through its continued growth, Spaceoneers has created a thriving community of space professionals, helping to bridge the gap between space, non-space, entrepreneurs, and investors to drive international and cross-sector innovation and collaboration.


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