Discover'The why andhow of Lunarexploration'

Field Space
Media 3D Animation
Category Tech, Web, App
Location Cologne
Year 2019


Since its release in May 2017, the European Space Agency’s online Interactive Guide to the Moon has allowed users to explore questions about our closest celestial neighbour, featuring interviews with scientists from all over Europe. ESA reached out to Design & Data to update the site and improve the functionality of the online portal to allow users to better discover “the why and how of lunar exploration”.

Idea, solution

To implement new changes to the webpage, Design & Data focused on improved user experience. On the content side, a new chapter titled “ESA” was added to the page, extending the existing chapters and giving a comprehensive overview about past and future planned Moon missions. On the technical side, the page was updated to load faster, and a full text search was implemented to the header, allowing for a more interactive experience. Additionally, the menu point, “Home”, was rewritten, new topic artwork was added, and optional background music was included to give the site a new, unique feel.


The end result resulted in a holistic, engaging, and interactive space where users can satisfy their curiosity, learn about the Moon, and be inspired about future missions and discoveries. This built upon the sizable and already established interest and traffic the website had already seen in the past. Visit ESA’s Interactive Guide to the Moon, here, and get in touch if you to see how Design & Data can help you create a unique and interactive experience for your target audience.


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