D&D space docudrama recognised atVienna Science Film Festival

The Burn, a short film made in collaboration with the European Space Agency, received the award for Best Space Exploration Movie at the Vienna Science Film Festival 2020

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D&D Livestream ofESA's Aeolus launch

Design & Data provided the livestream for the launch of ESA’s Aeolus satellite, the fifth satellite launched in the ESA Living Planet Programme.

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D&D completesfirst largescalehybridlivestream event

In partnership with the European Space Agency, Design & Data successfully provided technical management for its first hybrid livestream event: the annual ESA ɸ-Week conference.

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Discover'The why andhow of Lunarexploration'

Working with Design & Data, the European Space Agency has updated their Interactive Guide to the Moon, including a new home screen, updated content, and a rework of the artwork and music.

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Promoting the Industry Space Days

Design & Data developed key promotional materials with ESA to generate awareness for the Industry Space Days 2020.

TheAdventuresof Rosetta &Philae

Launching thePlanetarium Show

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