D&D space docudrama recognised atVienna Science Film Festival

Field Space
Location Cologne
Year 2020


Design & Data was approached by the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) communications team to create a film that would showcase real space operations environment and infrastructure. The challenge was to create a story and a script that would satisfy both creative and technical teams by being accurate and realistic, but also exciting and engaging for audiences. 

Idea, solution

The Summary follows a four chapter format for easy navigation and readability, presenting data of a changing ocean, particularly in 2019, from several angles. Chapter one discusses the importance of the ocean, its current state, and tJohannes Walden, Design & Data film director and media producer, developed a story of a team of spacecraft controllers as they work to recover a mission struck by a solar flare whilst orbiting the Moon. The film was shot in the main control room at ESOC, which received a Hollywood-style makeover to give the film a more dramatic, sci-fi look without sacrificing the technical elements of the film. Production took two days and featured a cast of ESOC staff and controllers, most from the ESOC theatre group.


TThe ten-minute docudrama was released on the ESA YouTube Channel in 2019 and was recognized by the Vienna Science Film Festival in 2020. This project further developed a collaborative relationship between Design & Data and ESA through exploring science fiction issues alongside real space experts in real space environments.


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Team leaders: Andre & Johannes