D&D Livestream ofESA's Aeolus launch

Field Space
Location Cologne
Year 2018


The fifth satellite of ESA’s Living Planet Programme, Aeolus, was scheduled for launch in August 2018. Aeolus is the first space mission to acquire profiles of the wind on a global scale, advancing our knowledge of the Earth’s atmosphere, improving weather forecasting, and contributing to climate change research. Design & Data was approached by ESA to run a livestream of the launch for audiences to access worldwide.

Idea, solution

To provide the livestream, Design & Data used live footage provided by Ariane Space and the European Space Agency of the Vega rocket carrying the Aeolus satellite. With this live footage, the technical team at Design & Data used the online livestream.com platform to share the launch with global audiences. Throughout the event, the Design & Data team monitored the livestream to ensure it ran clearly, smoothly, and consistently.


The livestream ran for almost two hours across the duration of the launch of the Aeolus satellite, which took off from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana on 22 August 2018. To watch the replay of the livestream, visit:


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Team leader: Björn