Promoting theIndustry Space Days

Field Space
Location Cologne
Year 2020


For the Industry Space Days (ISD) 2020 conference, ESA wanted to generate awareness for the event in order to gather interest within a wider group of potential small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to participate. ESA’s SME Office seeks to connect space businesses with each other to foster international collaboration. Design & Data was approached by ESA to develop a communication plan and various media-related materials to promote the event, including a new updated website.

Idea, solution

The back-bone of the materials created by Design & Data was the new Industry Space Days website, which offers easy access to relevant information about the event. It also allows users to register and pre-schedule business-to-business (B2B) meetings using ESA’s third party application – Vimeet. Additionally, Design & Data created a promotional video, animated GIFs, social media graphics, advertisement rollups, and an explainer animation providing a step-by-step guide on the B2B meeting process.


The communication plan and accompanying promotional materials helped generate new interest in the ISD 2020 event. Together, with ESA, Design & Data is seeking to establish the annual Industry Space Days event as the core opportunity of the year to foster space-related business for SMEs. For more information about the Industry Space Days, visit:

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Team leader: Andrea