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Design & Data used 3D animation and CGI to showcase the optical ground to satellite links of T-AOGS:
a newly developed mobile ground station for optical and laser communication.


A leader in space optical and laser satellite communications, TESAT partnered with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to develop a prototype mobile ground station: T-AOGS. Following a successful collaboration in 2018, TESAT again reached out to Design & Data to create a video to showcase the new T-AOGS technology. Our challenge was to demonstrate how invisible rays connect between satellites and the ground station over gigantic distances (over tens of thousands of kilometers) and display them in a dynamic visual format.

Idea, solution

To visually present the capabilities of T-AOGS, our creative team used dynamic 3D animation to illustrate the how the ground station works. We combined real footage of T-AOGS with CGI to show the invisible links and to explain the complex science. The use of CGI enabled us to showcase realistic looking satellites and artistically show the “speed” of satellite links through quick camera movements for the enormous length of the ground to satellite communications (up to 30,000 km). CGI also allowed us to adequately change the distance scale and geometry to demonstrate ground station connections between two types of satellites (GEO and LEO) at different orbital distances and fit them into one picture.


The result was a 1 minute 46 second video that presented the groundbreaking new capabilities of T-AOGS and highlighted the current satellite hardware products that are available from TESAT. Using a colour palette of black and electric blue, the 3D graphics were designed to resemble to mechanical aspects of the satellites and T-AOGS system, helping the video to capture the technical side of the products while providing a quick-paced and inviting overview of TESAT and T-AOGS.

The video was presented by TESAT at the ILA Berlin Airshow in June 2022.


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Team leaders: Andre & Johannes