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Design & Data partnered with Mercator Ocean International to update the previous version of the digital twin ocean animation, with a specific focus on showcasing its concrete applications and uses in real-life scenarios.


Tackling a significant challenge, Mercator Ocean set out to update their previous digital twin ocean animation. The objective was to showcase the tangible applications and uses of the Digital Twin Ocean (DTO) through an engaging visual medium. The task at hand involved enhancing the existing version of the digital twin ocean animation to effectively demonstrate practical applications and real-life uses of the DTO. As the DTO is still under development, the animation served as an ideal platform to portray the true potential and practical utilization of this transformative technology.

Idea, solution

The solution entailed embracing a similar animation style and leveraging existing images as the building blocks for creating the new animation. Furthermore, this presented a valuable chance to craft a script that highlights the practical applications of the Digital Twin Ocean (DTO) for both policy makers and the general public— the intended audience of the video. In addition, the endeavour aimed to identify opportunities and implement effective strategies to enhance visual clarity, moving away from abstraction and enabling individuals to better comprehend how they can harness the power of the DTO to their advantage.


The result is a meticulously updated digital twin ocean animation that effectively showcases the practical applications of the DTO in real-life situations. This captivating video, “The European Digital Twin of the Ocean”, designed to engage policy makers, leaves no stone unturned in its mission to enlighten viewers. Notably, the video features subtitles in both English and French, ensuring accessibility to a diverse audience. It made its debut at a conference, capturing the attention of attendees with its compelling narrative. Looking ahead, there are plans to share this impactful video through Mercator’s online platforms, allowing it to reach an even wider audience and create a lasting impact.

The video was subsequently released on the Mercator Ocean International YouTube channel.


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Team leaders: Andre & Johannes