Animating thedigital twinocean

To help promote the Digital Twin Ocean, Design & Data partnered with Mercator Ocean International to
produce a high-level animation detailing the importance and need for Digital Twin Ocean technologies.


The next advancements in digital oceanography are in the form of digital twin technologies. Mercator Ocean International has been at the forefront of developing digital models of the ocean. To help promote the Digital Twin Ocean technologies, Mercator Ocean International partnered with Design & Data to develop a video that would explain to non-experts what the Digital Twin Ocean is and why it is needed. The goal of this project was to create a video that was informative, flashy, and enticing for industry experts and non-experts alike (i.e., policy makers and the interested general public), explaining what the Digital Twin Ocean is and why it is essential.

Idea, solution

The video production team at Design & Data developed a story that discussed the importance of the global ocean, the impacts human activity and climate change are having on the overall health of the ocean, and how the Digital Twin Ocean will be able to help us predict and better understand what is happening in the ocean so we can live more sustainably in the future. The script was paired with high-level and stylistic animations to make the information technical and scientific information presented in the script more accessible to non-industry experts and retain their interest for longer.


The 2.5-minute animation was released on the Mercator Ocean International website alongside a series of texts that explain the Digital Twin Ocean in greater detail, identify the next steps and innovations in the development of digital twin technologies, and offer external links and resources for further access to the Digital Twin Ocean. The video was subsequently released on the Mercator Ocean International YouTube channel.


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Team leaders: Andre & Johannes