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In 2020, Design & Data was awarded a contract with Mercator Ocean International to develop a comprehensive Summary for the annual Copernicus Marine Service Ocean State Report. Each year, the summary provides an easily accessible state-of-the-art examination of the current state, natural variations, and ongoing changes facing the global ocean and European regional seas. The challenge was to condense over 300 pages of scientific material written by over 150 scientific experts from over 30 European institutions and create an attractive, engaging, and informative document geared toward policymakers and interested general audiences.

Idea, solution

The Summary follows a four chapter format for easy navigation and readability, presenting data of a changing ocean, particularly in 2019, from several angles. Chapter one discusses the importance of the ocean, its current state, and the key changes. Chapter two highlights four unprecedented changes facing the ocean, namely rising sea levels, decreasing seawater quality, increasing seawater temperature, and rapidly decreasing sea ice extent. Chapter three identifies the need for scientifically-sound knowledge to help decision-makers develop measures for sustainable ocean governance. Chapter four discusses three new tools developed for tracking and forecasting key ocean changes with the aim to help protect marine environments and human communities. Together, the Summary was developed to deliver key data on a changing ocean in a tailored format for a wide audience.


The final result was a 20-page Summary introducing the key research featured in the main Ocean State Report, alongside a tailored social media campaign and promotional video. The Summary and accompanying materials showcase how Copernicus data is used for ocean monitoring and climate forecasting, and how it can be used to develop sustainable management practices in adapting to ocean changes. The Summary was published and promoted online in September 2021 by Mercator Ocean International and the Copernicus Marine Service, and the full report by Taylor & Francis Online.


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