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The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) approached Design & Data with a project to help create awareness for the availability of free data for Copernicus atmosphere (CAMS) and climate change services (C3S) in the run up to the European Space Week in Helsinki and COP25 summit in Madrid. The aim of this project was to use locally available digital out-of-home advertising that could target specific audiences attending the events, such as policymakers, decision makers, and industry executives. We deemed it best to try to find screens in the vicinity of the event locations and within the locations of travel, such as airports and public transport networks, that could maximize the impact and reach of these campaigns.

Idea, solution

For this project, Design & Data developed a unique digital out-of-home advertising campaign concept that we proposed to ECMWF, with separate iterations for the various run-times, content material, and the parameters of local advertisement outlets. Once these concepts were approved by the client, we created a series of 10-second and 15-second animated video advertisements in widescreen format, targeting the policymakers and industry professionals attending the event. Since each advertisement corresponded to the different screens, sizes, and specifications that were available at the event venues, airports, and metro networks, we were able to run daily spots Monday to Friday in the weeks running up to the events.


The results from the digital advertising campaign were extremely effective in reaching the target audience as well as new and interested parties, and inspiring them to engage with the Copernicus program and the accompanying CAMS and C3S products. For example, the campaign at the Helsinki Airport – a 15-second video shown across 49 screens – reached 13 million people during the campaign period. Additionally, the campaign at the Helsinki train station reached a further 390,000 people, while the video spot from the Helsinki metro network reached an estimated 3 million people.


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Team leader: Sebastian