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Client ECMWF
Media Online
Category Content & Text
Location Cologne
Year 2021


The Copernicus European Observation & Monitoring Program is aimed at developing European information services based on satellite observations and in-situ data. Design & Data was contacted by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) to help showcase their free and ready-to-use data products for weather and climate monitoring available through their Copernicus Atmosphere Data Store (CAMS) and Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). Using individual case studies to implement their data products in real world scenarios, ECMWF wanted to develop engaging and user friendly content that was applicable to multiple target audiences at once, including climate scientists, big data specialists, policy makers, and citizens.

Idea, solution

Alongside ECMWF partner EJR-Quartz, Design & Data used Shorthand – a web based tool for creating digital stories – to address different case studies across topics including air quality, wildfires, crop management, land and marine species, and extreme weather. Based on expert research and user testimonials, the text was written so that interested audiences of any background could easily access and understand the material. The text highlighted various issues that the planet is currently facing due to climate change, along with the work research organisations have done, how the data and products from CAMS and C3S have and will benefit these areas, and how each case study corresponds to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


In the end, Design & Data produced 23 unique stories featuring case studies that successfully used Copernicus CAMS and C3S data and products. The text was set alongside engaging visuals, maps, GIFs, and videos to provide users with a unique and interactive experience. These 23 case study ‘stories’ not only helped promote the freely accessible and ready-to-use CAMS and C3S products to organisations, specialists, and policy makers that could benefit from them, but helped educate interested audiences on the various climate-related threats that are currently affecting our planet.

See case study story ‘Preserving Greek marine wildlife under a changing climate’ here

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Team leader: Evan